• Design and Management of Corporate Innovation Initiatives

  • EIR Engagements

  • Agile framework and methods

  • Sourcing, hiring, retention, motivation, mediation

  • Project management

  • Public speaking, presentation, live demos, video production

  • Workshops, capability building, collaborative environments

  • Software operations


  • Product-market fit analysis and lean investigation of value propositions

  • User psychology, behavior. Wizard of Oz testing

  • Ethnographic and market research

  • User acquisition strategies, multi-phased for 2-sided marketplace development

  • Build vs. buy vs. license strategic analysis

  • Risk and competitor analysis

  • Resource planning

  • Financial modeling

  • Statistics


  • Technical feasibility analysis

  • Web, mobile, IoT, and custom platform development.

  • DevOps - tools, services, technologies.

  • Continuous integration, continuous distribution.

  • Analytics and user partitioning frameworks. False-negative mitigation.

  • Digital marketing, message-testing, automation, optimization.

  • A/B, alpha/beta, canary testing, acceptance testing, issue tracking, version control, bug dives

  • Release management

  • Network architecture, communication theory, encryption, security, informatics

  • Machine learning, deep learning applications

  • Parimutuel, optimal matching, and data mining algorithms.

  • Baseband digital signal processing for wireless communication.

  • E-Commerce, sales funnel optimization, digital marketing