James Flynn - Consultant
James Flynn - Consultant
Digital Product, Strategy, Transformation


I’ve spent 20 years working in technology innovation; both hardware and software, in Silicon Valley and South East Asia. In the course of running two successful start ups, I learned, implemented, and honed digital product validation and development workflows, strategy, and management practices. I am expert in building and managing teams for innovation, as well as designing the business model itself.

I combine my own first-principle product thinking and experience with value-based business strategy [Brandenburger, Stuart], to build business models for their highest purpose - rigorous and unrelenting ex-ante stress-testing and strategy determination. I believe the onus is on executives to determine a successful strategy for their venture that is necessarily-complex, robust, transparent, discussed, and circumstantially-aware. I eschew solutions-looking-for-problems, and I do not abide unmapped development. Efficient business-minded innovation is not the same as R&D. This method resolves the constant uncertainty about where to put today’s marginal resource.

I have enormous energy for my work, with a proactive, principled, and unwavering style of management that has repeatedly borne success in challenging circumstances. My track record attests I am a strategist with a very strong implementation bent. My own company, my time at Samsung, and my work in SE Asia have all met with high-value success.

I offer consulting and advisor services based in the Boston area. Always happy to chat about business, technology, strategy, unknown unknowns, and that great book you just read.