Product Leadership is about empathizing with users, identifying business opportunities, and collaborating across the organization. I combine these skills with a deep understanding of technology, and the know-how to build and run teams.

With a background in Physics, Mathematics, and 10 years of Electrical Engineering, in 2011 I founded a company in Palo Alto, developing much-loved mobile applications, with sensor hardware. These products were developed via user-focussed design, in collaboration with musicians, photographers, and audiophiles.

After a successful exit, in 2013 I joined the Samsung Global Innovation Center. I built a team which prototyped and trialled several digital product concepts, including social networking apps, B2B retail, office management, and family/home applications. My team gained a reputation of excellence and integrity, not afraid to declare negative results with transparency and rigor. We ultimately discovered and refined a new multi-platform digital product, which we sold, scaled. and integrated into global distribution by Samsung.

After managing the integration process with Samsung in Korea, I turned down an offer to lead Digital Product Innovation for Samsung in the US, instead moving to SE Asia, in support of my wife, now a Harvard Business School professor with a two-year research assignment in Vietnam. Joining a large private bank I oversaw digital transformation, mobile, web, and digital strategy for a fast-growing organization with 2 million customers. I also supported my wife’s work, designing and deploying an optimal matching platform for labor research, and automating experimentation workflows. While navigating this challenging, multi-faceted environment I set up the bank’s first cross-functional Agile team, and began enacting process, personnel and software changes resulting in significant customer experience improvements, reduced network traffic, eye-watering cost-savings, and increased employee morale. In Vietnam I ran critical digital financial products at scale, while implementing strategies for customer acquisition, including new market segments. I also ran weekend workshops on user-focussed design, Agile, digital marketing, and risk-based authentication, and advised a local incubator associated with the Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

I now offer Digital Product Strategy consulting services, based in the Boston area. My specialties are structuring and managing corporate innovation, application development and optimization, user acquisition strategies, modern digital-first workflows, IoT business models, and consumer Fintech. I excel in challenging situations and I am an effective manager, proven many times over.

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